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Zocor price us

Zocor price us
October 7, 2018 conductiveone_a1mppp

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Simvastatin and rosuvastatin are used for reducing total cholesterolLDL cholesteroland triglyceridesand for increasing HDL cholesterolIn patients with coronary heart diseasediabetesperipheral vascular diseaseor history of stroke or other cerebrovascular diseaseZocor and Crestor are prescribed for reducing the risk of mortality by reducing death from coronary heart diseasereducing nonfatal myocardial infarctionheart attackand strokeand reducing the need for coronary and noncoronary revascularization procedures.

Both simvastatin and rosuvastatin have similar side effectsincluding headachenauseavomitingdiarrheaand muscle painRarelyboth drugs may cause livermuscleand kidney damage.

Finallybecause Crestor is has a tendency to dissolve or combine with waterit’shydrophilicit has fewer muscle and nervous system side effects than simvastatinZocor is more likely to dissolve or combine with fatsit’slipophilicmeaning it can more easily enter nerve and muscle cells to cause problems.

Heart diseasecoronary artery diseaseoccurs when plaque builds up in the coronary arteriesthe vessels that supply blood to.

“Drug Class ReviewHMG-CoA Reductase InhibitorsStatinsand Fixed-dose Combination Products Containing a StatinFinal Report Update 5National Center for Biotechnology information.

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